The benefits of skin camouflage

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Skin camouflage is often mistaken as just being the same as makeup and is often over looked, but it can have a huge impact on someone’s life and confidence. The emotional impact of having an altered image can be huge. In a society where we look up to celebrities who rarely make it to their late twenties without having some kind of ‘corrective procedure’ to get rid of bumpy noses, smile lines and slightly wonky teeth, living with an altered image caused by severe scarring, burns, skin conditions and disease can be incredibly difficult at times.

Skin camouflage is a temporary but practical technique used by both men and women to disguise non-infectious skin conditions such as acne, vitiligo and rosacea, as well as burns, scars and stretch-marks.

Most clients who choose to have skin camouflage just want to enjoy an ordinary life without the extra attention, prejudice and feelings of self-consciousness that often come with looking noticeably different.

Camouflage can be used for one-off occasions like weddings, public events and nights out, or it can be applied daily and worn at work, at the gym and even in the swimming pool.

I see so many different skin conditions, burns victims, self harming scars,vitiligo, scars, birthmarks etc..
But thought I would share a recent clients story. I never do before and after as I feel it’s insensitive and I am there to help the client not to make them feel even more self conscious. I do sometimes though take an after picture so my clients can see how the camouflage photographs as they say the camera never lies and will instantly pick up if the camouflage is to light, dark, green or grey.

So I had a phone call from a lovely lady that wanted skin camouflage for her 60th Birthday party to cover her psoriasis. I went to see her in London to do the colour match and show her how to apply it properly, she then explained she wanted me to return the day before her birthday to apply it, as she had been saving up for a special dress by Alexander McQueen and was desperate to wear this beautiful dress with confidence and to not feel uncomfortable that everyone would be starring at her psoriasis. So I returned the day before her birthday party to apply the camouflage to her arms, back and chest, personally I would of liked to apply it on the day, but camouflage creams are designed to be sweat proof and can be made waterproof by using the correct setting powder and fixing spray. So we did three layers of camouflage cream and setting powder to ensure it wouldn’t come off at all over night.
I had a text three days later to say how happy she was and how it hadn’t even come off when bathing, in the sun or even on bed sheets. It’s always wonderful to hear how skin camouflage has helped a persons life and confidence.

Here is an image of the camouflaged psoriasis and of the dress my client wore as I say I don’t feel it’s right to do a before picture or even put my client in the uncomfortable position.



A wonderful charity and network, they can also advise on the nearest private skin camouflage practitioner.
A great charity and free consultation, but Sadly a very long wait for a consultation.

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