Semi permanent mascara and trekking

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I am writing this on my way to Wales, I am off to see family, incorporate a bridal trial and then do a three day trek of Breacon Beacons (in preparation for kilimanjaro in october) The car is loaded with makeup kit, hair kit, all my trekking gear including walking poles and then all my normal clothing! It looks like i am emigrating!

The reason for this blog is, I suddenly realised earlier in the week that people that go trekking or walking ( I am not usually one of them) probably don’t turn up with a face full of makeup on or even take any with them!
So I had to think how i could still look reasonably ok! With minimal or no makeup for three days! So I booked myself in for a new treatment called Myscara a semi permanent tint for the lashes that lasts around a month. I am lucky enough to have fairly long lashes and often get asked if I am wearing false lashes.
I left the salon very happy just looking like I had a natural coating of mascara on, I opted for one coat but if you want a more dramatic look it can be built up. I was advised I could still wear mascara over the top if I wanted to but only use oil free makeup remover. I will upload some pictures of how they last in the torrential wind and rain over the weekend. But so far I highly rate this beauty treatment.

Bridal makeup perfect treatment for brides for there wedding and for honeymoon.

I had my lashes done at Wickwoods in west Sussex beauty treatments

How it works:

The idea of MYscara was conceived shortly after Glam Lash brought Flexi glue to the UK in 2009. Flexi glue is a rubber-toughened glue, which dries flexible and bends with the natural lash. The concept was developed from this original product. The MYscara product itself is a blend of different powdered thickening fibres, rubber toughened cyanoacryalate and extra black pigment. The fibres also make the product 100% waterproof and gives volume. At present it is the only pre blended semi – permanent mascara product in the worldwide market. The ingredients are tested on humans, safety resting and complies to 1907/2006/

semi permanent mascara

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