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July 29, 2014. No comments.

This blog is a little later than planned! But it’s peak wedding season,so been super busy getting organised for all my lovely brides and our makeup courses

I thought I would do this blog about my recent trip to zimbabwe and how I coped practically makeup free.

As most people that know me well or that have been unfortunate enough to have to travel with me, I don’t travel lightly and this is usually down to carrying around 10kg of makeup in my suitcase and hand luggage! This is no joke! It’s not that I wear 10kg or makeup or even take it out of the bag when on holiday its more of a safety blanket, that if for some bizarre reason I wanted to go out wearing neon eyeshadows that I at least have them with me, it’s more of a “just in case” thing. This has got better over the years though, but I fully admit I take way to much! But being a makeup artist I usually have to take far more than I need so I have used that as an excuse many times!

So when I decided to go off to Zimbabwe to volunteer for two weeks I made a decision to take little or no makeup at all. Well taking no makeup didn’t work as I thought “just in case” it’s better to have some than none, and after all I am a makeup artist!

So after many stressful hours of putting lipsticks, blushers and bronzers in and out of a bag and then realising I was creeping back into old habits and my suitcase was beginning to weigh an extra 5kg I had to be ruthless and decided to keep it to a minimum six items.

So my chosen six items were:

1.Laura mercier illuminating tinted moisturiser in warm radiance, this is one of my favourite products and I used it in place of foundation as it gives a very slight coverage, beautiful glowing skin and it also contains SPF 20.


2.YSL waterproof volume effects mascara, my usual mascara but waterproof, I pretty much just wore some mascara during the day and by wearing waterproof I knew it wouldn’t be smudging down my face in the extreme heat or wind.

20140729-212036.jpgMac Kohl eyeliner in Teddy a lovely soft eyeliner in shimmery brown, that I used to create a smokey eye in the evenings.


4. Gurlain four seasons bronzer for brunettes, this has been the bronzer I have used for years, it’s not cheap but lasts ages! Because your complexion lightens and darkens naturally with the seasons, Guerlain has invented Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzer. A selection of four shades that blend together to create a matt and customised, natural-looking glow any time of year. This sun-kissed palette is perfect for sculpting and highlighting: use the pink or dark shades for your blush and the more neutral or nude shades to unify the rest of your face.


5. Revlon colour burst lipstick in creeme brûlée , this range of
Iipsticks is lovely and moisturising and makes the lips appear glossier and fuller without actually having the feeling of wearing lipstick. I like this shade as its very natural.


6. My final item of choice which was incredibly hard to choose is a great multi purpose product Bobbi browns cream blusher in Calypso coral, I used this as a light blusher and also as a lipstick.


My next adventure is attempting to climb Kilimanjaro in just nine weeks but somehow feel the makeup list will be even smaller.

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