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We have been having an increasing number of one day Makeup lessons at the school recently and many of those have been for lovely ladies that are about to start dating again or trying online dating and wanting advice on how to do their makeup for the date! Often the ladies have busy life’s an want to learn how to go from work out on their date and have a quick easy makeup look. In the tutorial they learn four different makeup looks and we also ask them to bring in their current makeup bag we then discuss what’s right and wrong with their current makeup routine. Even if your not going on a first date and are happily settled, we run tutorials to teach you new looks and update your makeup bag.

Going on that first date is very nerve-racking especially if you have never actually met before in the flesh, generally you will spend the time before wondering if this time they could be the ONE! So you want to look and feel best of course!!

Top tips:

1. Less is more ( makeup not clothes!)
2. Subtle colours, men are often scared off by bright colours especially lipstick!! And experimenting with your new neon eyeshadows should be saved for another occasion.
3. Bring out your best features, if you have pretty eyes make them pop using the right shades to bring them out.
4. Don’t try a completely new makeup look or product if you have never experimented before, you don’t want to find you have an allergic reaction or suddenly breakout in spots.
5. Light foundation or tinted moisturiser, again men don’t generally like to see that you are actually wearing makeup ( they can be easily fooled though).
6. Aim for bridal/ girl next door makeup.
7. Subtle bronzer matte works best as it appears as though your naturally tanned rather than been tangoed.
8. Try the look out first to check that you know how to do it, or better still book a makeup lesson and be taught how to do it.
9. Keep hair soft , elegant and natural, nothing to harsh.
10. Don’t try to fit in with their style as you will only have to try and maintain this in the future.
11. Avoid fake tan, generally it never looks natural and there are often tell tale signs i.e between the fingers, dirty looking neck and also you might end up smelling like a digestive biscuit ( due to the fake tan).

Please note these tips don’t apply to all dates or all men as some men hate any form of makeup and just don’t accept or understand why women wear it to feel better about themselves, clearly he is odd if this is the case and not worth it. Then you get other men that love bright wacky colours and think the more makeup the better!

Hopefully he will be a decent enough person to just like you for you and how stunning you look will just be a bonus.

Some of my favourite products for achieving natural first date makeup:

20140614-122124.jpgVernis À Lèvres
Long lasting stain formula and glossy shine
Live the sophistication of a boundless glossy colour that truly fuses
your lips in a new shine. A GLOSSY STAIN you barely feel.


What it is: A lightweight, buildable sheer foundation formula that delivers a youthful, radiant finish.

What it is formulated to do: Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer-Illuminating is a perfect blend of skincare and makeup. It hydrates skin with barely- there colour for a luminous radiant glow. This lightweight formula provides ideal protection from the sun’s harmful and damaging rays with broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen. Perfect for all skin types.

Hydra-Radiance Aqua Blush

A moisturising blush thanks to an ultra-fresh gel texture like a marshmallow.
A light transparent coverage like a radiance veil.
A satiny finish with a vitamin-packed glow.
Stretches as much as necessary in an aquarelle blend.

20140614-123530.jpg Dior eyeshadow pallet in Earth reflections, is a great day to night pallet wear neutral colours during the day then you can change it up to a smokey eye in the evening.

If you fancy having a one day makeup lesson please do get in touch by email: or phone: 07939273714

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