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Nowdays when I go to do a trial or makeover I am always asked about contouring and can I give them cheekbones, a smaller nose, a slimmer jaw and forehead I blame Kim kardashian for this obsession, don’t get me wrong i love her makeup but as I try very hard and politely to explain to my clients that contouring for wedding makeup or day to day makeup is very different from catwalk and Photoshoots and this is due to lighting. Off course we can do contouring but for daily makeup it needs to be done right to avoid looking like a panda with dirty brown lines down ones face.

So I have listed my favourite and easy to use contouring pallets by having your highlight and contouring colour all in one palette it just makes life so much quicker. I have mainly listed powder versions as getting to grips with using cream contouring is best left to the professionals as blending three different cream based products generally ends up looking just very wrong indeed.

So I might as well start with my very favourite ( and most expensive) this beautiful product is from Charlotte Tilbury not only is the packaging beautiful and feels very elegant to own ( how makeup compacts used to be before everything became plastic) the product itself gives the most wonderful contoured affect whilst looking so natural.


This is another great contouring palette from Illamasqua. Sculpt your party look with this compact contouring palette. Containing neutral matt Heliopolis for razor-sharp definition, and shimmering champagne Lumos to highlight and illuminate. Available in two shades.

Sculpting duo


For a really natural contoured look i.e for weddings I tend to opt for this wonderful compact from NARS the other great thing about this product is it comes in three shades so literally works for all skin tones.


And finally a product From sleek that won't break the bank but will certainly deliver, at only £6.49 this is a great buy! It has a stunning champagne highlighter and natural Matt brown contour colour. And like the Nars one it comes in three different shades so everyone can use it.


So that's all well and good knowing which ones are the best to buy, but how does one apply it!! Well proper tools are required, by tools I mean brushes. I have seen many people using the same brush to apply powder, foundation, highlight and contour. By having good brushes it really does make your makeup look better and more polished. Also make sure you wash your brushes at least once a week to avoid build up of bacteria which can then lead to breakouts.




2. Always been my favourite for placing the darker contour colour especially under cheeckbones and jawline. MACs 168 large angled contoured brush.


3. Bdeillium brushes have become a favourite for me, the don't require you to re mortgage your house and they last incredibly well without the hairs shedding across a clients face. This brush I use to put my highlights in place.


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