Wedding Makeup & Hair

December 4, 2019. No comments.

  Wedding hair and makeup  It’s been a very busy year for me and always feel bad I don’t get time to do enough blogs. This year I have worked in the Seychelles, run over ten makeup courses, worked on twelve weddings, some fantastic photo shoots and tv productions. Oh and I also squeezed in getting married myself!!  Having spent nearly twelve years in the wedding industry as a professional hair and makeup artist, i have seen so many kinds of weddings from from Churches, castles, Boats, Farms, barns, beaches and even a submarine. Every wedding has been different and of course every bride has been different but all of had their own magic to them. The past few years has been a lot of Boho weddings with natural glowy makeup and soft wavey hair and messy buns.  And in the last few months I have seen a switch to more structured hair [read on]

Skin Camouflage

October 30, 2018. No comments.

      I started off my makeup career working in the glitzy world of the  Fashion Industry and working with models, designers and top makeup artists. As much as I loved this industry and the creativity it offered. I always wanted to do something to help people, having personally suffered with low self esteem and confidence i was aware how much makeup helped people and could always understand when someone came to have their makeup done but arrived in a full face of makeup. Often clients would be apologising for wearing makeup saying “I just can’t leave the house without it” I would often see clients that had scars, birthmarks, pigmentation etc and I would do my best to cover them up with general makeup but it just didn’t stay on for that long. I wanted to do more to help and then I found out about skin camouflage and the BASC [read on]

A look back at 2017

January 3, 2018. No comments.

Firstly Happy new year to everyone! We have been a little quiet recently as things have been super busy. 2017 was an extremly busy year for us and 2018 is looking just as busy.. We completed over 28 weddings. Worked on several  Films,TV productions and Photoshoots. As well as many skin camouflage consultations. We also had our popular makeup courses running throughout the year. And we  set up a wedding, events and hen party venue in Bolney. I am so Grateful to my team of makeup artists and hair stylists that worked so hard on every job put their way. I couldn't have done it without you!!   Here are just some of the wonderful jobs we worked on in 2017. Toyota Campaign We had the honour of doing the makeup for this fantastic Toyota Campaign the first of its kind. Please see video: Toyota official video:   Photoshoots Collaborated with Errol Douglas hair Salon and our work appeared  in [read on]

Makeup for Christmas

November 22, 2017. No comments.

So it’s been a very long time since we did our last blog! It’s been so busy with our makeup courses at the makeup academy and a full on year of Wedding makeup and skin camouflage. But thought I would update you on some of my latest beauty finds and some perfect makeup to add to your Christmas list.   As a special offer we are also offering 15 % off all of our makeup courses if booked before the 16th December. We also have gift vouchers available. So if you are stuck for present ideas, why not book a makeup lesson? One to one tutorials and full day courses are available.  

  1. Having just returned from from a trip up to Everest Base camp and living in not so pleasant conditions and extreme cold, it really does have an affect on your skin. I wanted to take the most hydrating and multi
[read on]

Contouring made easy

February 12, 2015. No comments.

Nowdays when I go to do a trial or makeover I am always asked about contouring and can I give them cheekbones, a smaller nose, a slimmer jaw and forehead I blame Kim kardashian for this obsession, don't get me wrong i love her makeup but as I try very hard and politely to explain to my clients that contouring for wedding makeup or day to day makeup is very different from catwalk and Photoshoots and this is due to lighting. Off course we can do contouring but for daily makeup it needs to be done right to avoid looking like a panda with dirty brown lines down ones face. So I have listed my favourite and easy to use contouring pallets by having your highlight and contouring colour all in one palette it just makes life so much quicker. I have mainly listed powder versions as getting [read on]

Combating dry skin this winter

December 4, 2014. No comments.

Well it's been a long time since my last blog, I just dont know where the time goes! I can't believe it's nearly christmas again. We have had such a busy year at the makeup academy and just finished our final three week intensive makeup course, the last one until the 16th of January. So far in the last year we have run six three week intensive courses and fourteen five day courses. I am also in the middle of a private course, as we are very flexible at the academy and like to be able to offer tailor made courses to suit your schedule and needs. So with the weather suddenly getting colder and everyone turning up the heating in their homes, I am getting more and more people asking me what I recommend for sensitive and very dry skin. Unfortunately as the weather changes so does our skin. [read on]

The benefits of skin camouflage

August 23, 2014. No comments.

Skin camouflage is often mistaken as just being the same as makeup and is often over looked, but it can have a huge impact on someone's life and confidence. The emotional impact of having an altered image can be huge. In a society where we look up to celebrities who rarely make it to their late twenties without having some kind of 'corrective procedure' to get rid of bumpy noses, smile lines and slightly wonky teeth, living with an altered image caused by severe scarring, burns, skin conditions and disease can be incredibly difficult at times. Skin camouflage is a temporary but practical technique used by both men and women to disguise non-infectious skin conditions such as acne, vitiligo and rosacea, as well as burns, scars and stretch-marks. Most clients who choose to have skin camouflage just want to enjoy an ordinary life without the extra attention, prejudice and feelings of self-consciousness [read on]

Make-up for travelling

July 29, 2014. No comments.

This blog is a little later than planned! But it's peak wedding season,so been super busy getting organised for all my lovely brides and our makeup courses I thought I would do this blog about my recent trip to zimbabwe and how I coped practically makeup free. As most people that know me well or that have been unfortunate enough to have to travel with me, I don't travel lightly and this is usually down to carrying around 10kg of makeup in my suitcase and hand luggage! This is no joke! It's not that I wear 10kg or makeup or even take it out of the bag when on holiday its more of a safety blanket, that if for some bizarre reason I wanted to go out wearing neon eyeshadows that I at least have them with me, it's more of a "just in case" thing. This has got better over the [read on]

Makeup artist courses coming up

May 18, 2014. No comments.

Well the weather seems to be getting better and the sun shinning, which always makes people look and feel much better. It's also a great time to try something new or even a career change, I have had many students this year training to become makeup artists as a new career path or just as something to earn a little extra on the side. makeup artist course starting on 17th July 2014. You will receive a starter kit full of makeup goodies and an accredited makeup artist certificate. Course runs 10am-4:30pm includes lunch. We do also offer tailor made courses! So if your desperate to learn makeup and can't fit it in around work, children or your normal schedule, we offer evening classes and home makeup courses, where we come to you to teach you. In this course you will be given help, tips and advise in how to get [read on]

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