October, 2018

Skin Camouflage

October 30, 2018. No comments.

      I started off my makeup career working in the glitzy world of the  Fashion Industry and working with models, designers and top makeup artists. As much as I loved this industry and the creativity it offered. I always wanted to do something to help people, having personally suffered with low self esteem and confidence i was aware how much makeup helped people and could always understand when someone came to have their makeup done but arrived in a full face of makeup. Often clients would be apologising for wearing makeup saying “I just can’t leave the house without it” I would often see clients that had scars, birthmarks, pigmentation etc and I would do my best to cover them up with general makeup but it just didn’t stay on for that long. I wanted to do more to help and then I found out about skin camouflage and the BASC [read on]

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